Puka Shell Choker

Handmade Chain

"Works of Art" is what we call our chains, because they are handmade pieces, one by one, by a team of women in our workshop in Lima, Peru. Our value is the time and dedication to each chain, in addition to the passion and love that each of us puts into our work. This is our added value.

Four Leaf Clover

Among our variety of Amulets, the Four Leaf Clover stands out. It is said that for every 10,000 three-leaf clovers, one of four is found. In our designs, the focus goes to the energy of each semi-precious stone with which we work: Jade, Sapphire or Ruby are the ones that have the main roll; For TheBox as a Brand, it is a symbol intimately linked to roots, family, work and success!

Donuts Chain

We were inspired by Ball chains, but we wanted to give it a unique and refined touch. We start by weaving the chain on the inside, thus forming the "spine" of the chain, then interleaved the fabric is covered, giving an apparently exquisite "Donuts" shape.

Without fear of being imperfect, our jewels are simple, with character and in them you can sense the originality of the craftsman who made them